A thorough inside-and-out review of the property to be listed is conducted.  We look at the condition of the house and curb appeal among other things.  A comprehensive booklet of recommendations is reviewed and left with the Seller.  A report of findings is also sent to the Seller and Realtor within 24 hours of the consultation.

project management

We sit with both the Seller and Realtor to determine a game plan for renovations on the property. Then we schedule and manage the contractors to make sure that the work is done to budget and on time. We will also assist the Seller in choosing colors, fixtures, flooring and anything else needed to get the job done. Projects can be as simple as painting a wall or as complex as redoing a bathroom.



My team cleans the property from top to bottom while others are moving items around and placing furniture, artwork, plants and accessories in the best arrangement for each room. As we work, we may pack up items we don’t need and will place in a previously agreed upon location.

A member of my team will arrive prior to the Photographer to make sure that each photo is perfect and we also do a pre-open house spot check.


packing, cleaning + organizing

Even if you are not selling, my team will come to your home to help pack, clean or organize a room, a floor or the entire house.

We’ll even take treasures to donations boxes or arrange for pick up of trash or large items. And yes, we can use those pretty baskets.


color palette

Having a cohesive look and feel in your home makes it appear larger and more inviting. Rather than paint the kitchen 6 times trying to get the right color, let us help you find the perfect shade.

We will come by your home and take into consideration, your tastes, current furnishings, lighting and other factors to select a complimentary color palette for your home. This includes coordinating flooring, appliances and fixtures with your things.


sourcing of all. the. things.

Ever spend weeks shopping all over town for a new sofa only to discover it won’t fit through the front door which then leaves you with a gaping hole in your living room for another 6-8 weeks before a replacement sofa is available and then that one doesn’t truly go with your stuff?

We will source pretty much anything you need for your home – furniture, lighting, bedding, dog bowls. We’ll come by, check out your current furnishings, see how you live and measure everything up. Then we’ll show you a selection of suitable items so you can decide which one you like best.

This time when the sofa/chandelier/carpet/tub arrives, you know it will fit and look amazing.