How it works


Start of the Project

Every project regardless of size, scope or budget starts off with a thorough review the property - inside and out.  1-2 days prior to my arrival, the Pre-Consult Checklist is sent to the Seller which indicates what should be tucked away or left out for the Consultation.

The Room Ready Handbook of recommendations is left with the Seller with a formal report sent to both Seller and Agent within 24 hours. A follow-up appointment occurs within 1-2 days to answer any questions and help make educated decisions.

before listing

The Seller, Agent and my team sit together to determine the plan of action for your property. A formal Client Work Plan is provided to all parties including contractors so they can plan their resources effectively as well.

Paint colors, flooring picks etc. are sourced and procured by my team for approval by the Seller. Contractors are scheduled. My team takes care of all cleaning, packing and organizing in addition to managing contractors so the project is completed on time and on budget. Leaving the Seller to focus on their family and the Agent to focus on selling the property.



Day of SHowcase

Please allow 8-12 hours to complete. 2-3 days before, a Pre-Showcase Prep Sheet is sent to the Seller. It covers everything that will be occurring for this showcase including what to leave out and what we’ll tuck away for you.

For liability reasons, all people and creatures are to leave the premises during the showcasing. My team cleans the property from top to bottom, so don’t worry about hiring someone to do that for you (we won’t judge). Items are moved and furniture, accessories, artwork and plants are placed in the best arrangement for each room.

After the sale

The de-stage will take about 4-6 hours. Once we receive notice of the sale, CONGRATULATIONS! we schedule a day to de-stage the property. A Post-Sale Info Sheet explaining next steps is sent to the Seller.

All people and creatures are to again leave the property during this time. My team will pack up and organize items we brought to the house. We will also Pack up, clean and organize the remainder of the Sellers possessions. Including sending things off for sale or donation.



Behind the scenes

Each Home Staging project takes, on average 6-12 hours to plan, prep, pick and pack, schedule staff and coordinate deliveries and tradespeople. Oh and there is A LOT of messaging!

A member of my team will arrive prior to the photographer to make sure that each photo is perfect and also prior to open houses to be show ready.