what we can't help you with

what we can't help you with
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There are a great many things a stager can help you with when selling your home.  But there are a few things we cannot help you with.

As magical as our transformations can be, we cannot make your home smaller or bigger, pie-shaped or rectangle.  We cannot build a basement or add a creek running through the yard.

For instance with my last home, it was located across the street from a park but also on a bus route. For some the bus route is a deal-breaker, they don’t like the noise or feel the road would be too busy. For me it was great! I don’t hear the noise and the road is always plowed and safe to travel upon. With this in mind, I staged the house to be an oasis inside and invited the buyer in away from the door so you didn’t even notice the noise. We showed off the backyard as a lovely quieter place to spend time.


Whether you have a quaint cottage sized home or a spacious mansion, there is absolutely nothing we can do about the size of your property.  What we can do is show off how cozy the space is and how to maximize storage.  We can show off the best way to fill the space without making it over-crowded or echo, where to place furniture to make it function the best. We can also create a color palette that helps to make a space seem larger or smaller.


City condo or county estate or somewhere in between, all these locations have their pros and cons.  Your stager will make the most of the pros while minimizing the cons.  Near the airport or a bus route?  Not everyone hears the noise, I know I sure don’t which surprises me!  Stagers have contacts with contractors and other experts all over town so if you’re in need of a sound barrier or whatever the case may be, we can get that looked after for you.


When you sell you home with staging or not, you need to have a great attitude about it. Being bummed about having to move is normal but keeping that negativity around you will not help your home sell any faster.  Be open to suggestions. Your real estate pros have trained and are certified to sell your home, any advice they give you is for your own benefit. 

Once you decide to sell your property, whatever the reason, it’s no longer your home.  It’s best to work alongside your stager and realtor to get it into the best shape.  When they ask you to pack up your beloved collections, don’t take it personally.  It’s so the buyer sees the home, not get distracted by dear Aunt Mary’s spoons. When they ask you to paint the room that is currently your favorite shade of green, it’s so the buyer sees the view out the window not because they are green-paint haters.  (Besides we can help you find the best place to put that green paint in the new house too!)


If you are fortunate enough to have an in-law suite or apartment that’s being rented out, awesome!  Have a chat with your tenant and let them know that the better a tenant they are when the house is being shown, the better the chances that the new owners will keep them on.  Offer to help them find a new place or to work with the new owners to keep them on.  Some buyers will already have a tenant or in-law to place there but many will be relived to have a good tenant already on board, thus reducing their stress in finding one and making the property that much more attractive.