What the heck does a home stager do anyway?

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85 shades of beige

Many of those who need staging the most, realtors, have no idea what staging is nor do they understand how beneficial it is to their livelihood. So today’s post is to help make that more clear.  Many realtors I have spoken to think staging is fluffing pillows and choosing paint colors, which they can do because beige goes with everything right?  WRONG! 

When you hire a home stager you are getting so much more than fluffy pillows and some decluttering.  And while I’m at it, staging is NOT decorating. Sure there’s similar principles but the aim and results are completely different.

Decorating reflects the personality of the occupants in the home, Staging reflects the sellable features of the home to the buyer. 

But doesn’t a pretty house sell faster than regular houses?  

Maybe. Depends on what the buyer is looking at when they tour the home.   If they love your furnishings and gorgeous art-work, they may buy it quickly but once they move in they realize that this house isn’t for them. OR alternatively they may be so intimidated by the magazine perfection of your décor that they miss the giant windows and fear touching anything. 

Take Allenby House for example, when I was asked to join this project, the house had a steady flow of showings but no bites.  It was gorgeous and it took me 4 runs through the pictures before noticing how large the windows were in this place!  We swapped out some of the more eye-catching pieces for neutrals and rearranged some furniture.  The result – an offer within 2 days!  You can read more on this here.

Back to the original question, what does a home stager do anyway?

The ultimate goal of a home stager is to help you secure the most equity in your home as possible in the least amount of time. How we do that is by preparing the condition of your home for sale. By ensuring that the photographs are professional and show the house in the best light.

There are 3 main steps we take to accomplish this.

  1. The consult, where we come by and do a thorough walk-through of the property to provide recommendations.

  2. The work, where all packing, cleaning, renovations and so on are completed either by you or my team.

  3. The showcase, where we transform your home to a show-ready, professionally photographed gem that woos the right buyers in from the start.

We work alongside your realtor and can even manage the renovations if you like. Moving is stressful enough so we manage the project in a way to make it easier on you.