What I learned from staging and selling my own homes

What I learned from staging and selling my own homes
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Over the years, I’ve bought and sold a number of homes. Each time I sell, I declutter, depersonalize and have the place professionally cleaned. I like to decorate so I don’t usually have to worry about painting too much. I do check for touch ups and in the last house, there was a hot pink wall in my daughter’s room that had to go lest it burn the retinas of potential buyers. But I knew that would happen when I painted the wall to begin with so had paint set aside for that right from the start. That way only that one wall needed to be painted rather than the entire room.

Like most home owners, you want to put in the least amount of effort and get the most money. Can’t blame you there. But where to start? That’s where a staging professional comes in.


Certified Staging Professionals have been trained and tested. We have a code of ethics we adhere to and a support system that ensures we are constantly being trained on market conditions and upgrading our skill set. When we encounter a problem or situation we've not yet seen, we have a family behind us to offer assistance.

Vendor Connections

We have connections with many vendors that can help your experience be easier; movers, painters etc. Because of this, we are in the know of current trends, new products and the best way to get things done in your home for your situation.

Stagers don’t just stage, we will manage your renovations and be the middle man with your best interests at heart dealing with the contractors. We offer packing, cleaning and organizing services and will also source pretty much anything you need for your home including furniture, paint colors and fixtures.

View from a buyer

We make recommendations from the point of view of a buyer. The goal of our services is to making your home as inviting as possible in order to sell your home in the least amount of time for the most money. So we do our work with a buyers eye, meaning our view isn’t rose-colored because we’ve lived in the home or have emotional ties to it.

Instead we awaken emotion to the buyer because most home buying decisions are made with emotion. Our goal is to draw in a buyer who simply does not want to leave your property without making the best, most solid offer they can so it’s accepted immediately. Isn’t that the kind of offer you want to see right away as well?

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Collaborate with agents

Stagers work alongside real estate agents. This leaves Realtors to take care of the other things they need to do to sell the house. It saves them time and money and it saves the seller time and money as well.

We focus on the condition of the home and dont’ risk losing the sale if we’re completely honest about it. Which means that we will be forthcoming and this means no surprises later on. A stager takes a home owner room-by room through their house making recommendations, leaving them to make education decisions on what plan of action they wish to take.

Professional Photos

The vast majority of home buyers begin their search online before they even hire a Realtor. They check out what’s available in their desired area and make a list. The better your home photographs the higher up the viewing list your home will be, increasing the chances that it will be viewed first, and therefore sell faster, often for more money.

Working with a stager that has been trained and certified to provide these services is your best bet when it comes to selling your home. They will make sure the entire experience is smooth and less stressful. A Certified Staging Professional also has a number of resources to help you out during and after the move, such as discounts on movers, contacts for packers.

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