Top 10 ways to prep your house for staging


Top 10 ways to– prep your house for staging and get a head start on packing!

We all know to declutter, pack away all the sentiment items and dig out the pretty pillows but here’s a few more tips to help get your home stage ready

1 // Floors

Remove any little mats. If it’s winter, keep mats to a minimum at the main access doors. Be sure to vacuum or shake them out well. In the bathroom, bathmats should be tucked away as well. Clean all flooring, use a floor marker to touch up any minor nicks in the hardwood and instead of DIYing the carpet, hire a professional team to do it right.

2 // Dust

Get out the microfiber cloth and give all the molding and baseboards a good once over. Be on the lookout overhead for cobwebs, I find the best time to see them is after dark with a flashlight. get the furnace room too, vacuum baseboards

3 // Paint

Pick up a roll of painters tape and a flashlight, yes I have seen far too many episodes of CSI but they really do see more when using a flashlight. Go over every foot of trim and every wall and use the tape to mark any areas that need touched up either with paint or plaster or both. Anywhere there is a bright or bold color, consider painting over that so the buyer sees the beauty of your home rather than be distracted by a color.

4 // Lighting

Go room by room and make note of every light fixture. Does it have a working lightbulb? It is the best wattage? Does the fixture need to be repaired or replaced? If you have dated fixtures in the hall or ceiling fans, consider replacing them with something simple.

5 // Repairs

You know all those jobs on the honey do list? It’s time to review those and make a plan to get those taken care of. Please be sure to hire professional tradespeople to take care of things like plumbing and electrical. Now is not the time to DIY things!

6 //Surfaces

Wipe down every surface in the entire house. In the kitchen use a grease cutting product, lemons and vinegar with baking soda is perfect, to give the cupboards a good scrub to remove any splatters. Wipe all baseboards, doors, furniture anything non porous.

Clear all level surfaces. Keep only the bare necessities on tables and counters as directed by your CSP.

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7 // Fixtures

Polish all wood and metal throughout the home. This means furniture, flooring, door knobs, cabinet handles, anything touched on a regular basis.

8 // Windows

Remove all draperies and replace blinds to match the trim, usually white. Patch and paint any holes. This cleans up the room and allows the buyer to immediately see this feature of the home. If you are able, consider removing the screens as well, it really makes the windows seem crystal clean.

9 //Smells

Smells is the number one memory inducer. It can draw a person in or send them flying back out the door. For this reason, this is time to put away those scented candles, wax burners and cinnamon pinecones. At the same time, be sure to store smelly sports equipment elsewhere and clean out the fridge and cupboards. Also, consider renting an air purifier to further remove any pet or other hidden smells. You’d be surprised at how many people have super sniffers

10 //Outside

Typically after a buyer has checked out your home online, they will then do a driveby. Good or bad, they’ll think, if it looks like this on the outside… what’s the inside like? Now, this doesn’t mean you need to hire an HGTV crew to landscape the front of your home, but weed the garden, cut the grass, prune the hedge, plant flowers. Make sure the house number is clear and visible from the street.

Remember you live here so there are things that fresh eyes will pick up on right away that you may not have noticed.