Listing before staging

Listing before staging
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When the market around you seems crazy with houses selling before you can blink, it can be tempting to list your home and skip the prep. Afterall, there’s no competition and most homes are getting multiple offers.

I wouldn’t do that.

As a fellow home owner I would advise you to prep your home as if it’s the worst market ever and the place might sit for months.

Stage your home as if it’s the worst market ever and the place might sit for months.


Sure the market is great and people are getting good prices on their listings BUT you still have to buy a new place. Getting top dollar for your property means you have that much more to put towards the next home, repairs, a vacation, a savings account, whatever that shiny object is to you. Do you really want to leave money on the table or look back and think gee, we could have done better?

Not to mention it is the job of your realtor to get the best offer for your home which means they must stage it in order to accomplish this.

When you take the time and effort to properly make your house marketable, you are ensuring that the offer you get is a good, solid offer. You greatly decrease the chances of getting low ball offers and then accepting them out of fear.

Wouldn’t you rather get offers you can confidently make decisions on?

Wouldn’t you rather get every penny you can out of your home instead of leaving money on the table. Money you can use towards the new house or something else?

Buyers today are smart. Thanks for HGTV and all the home action on social media, it’s not hard to see what you can get for how much money. Of course a buyer will come in and low ball you. If so, then that means your listing isn’t the top pick. Ideally when a buyer enters your home, they are already in love with it because the MLS photos were to die for. They made the buyer call up their agent and demand to see this house right now! They fear losing the house so they make a solid offer that is likely to be accepted immediately because they want that house conditionally sold before anyone else sees it. This is their house now.

Let’s say you, for whatever reason, decline to stage your home or even do a few repairs to make the deal sweeter. The market is hot so you think it’ll sell in a few days. But as the house sits on the market for another week or month, you think, hm. if we paint over this lime green wall maybe that will help and ok, a few pillows wouldn’t hurt… right?

Well, the MLS pictures are still showing your same ole house and it’s getting lower and lower on the page of houses to view. The staged listings with amazing pictures are jumping to the top and getting viewed and sold while yours collects dust and you get stressed out keeping it perfect all the time.

The best time for your house to be sold is within the first day or so of listing

The best time for your house to be sold is within the first day or so of listing. After that any changes to the listing are noted on the listing within the system. Any changes to your home will not be noticed by anyone but you. Unless you then get the photographer back to take another set of pictures. The old pictures will still be in the system and the general thought will be, what on earth was so wrong with this house that they did all that? Making agents and buyers fearful of your property. The exact opposite effect you’d like, I’m guessing. Your agent can add a note of how the home owner decided to pretty up the place to make it more appealing but buyer agents are nervous. They don’t want to take buyers to a questionable house if they can avoid it. You’ve just moved to the bottom of the pile instead of the top as you hoped with these plans.

Savvy buyers are online as much if not more than the agents. They are noticing houses that linger on the market, especially when the market is hot. Why isn’t it selling. Oh now they’ve updated the photos, what’s wrong with this place?

Save yourself a lot of hassle and stage your property right from the start and hire a Certified Staging Professional to make it happen.